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Calculating The QRS Axis

I often get asked what method I use to calculate the frontal axis of an electrocardiogram, and I usually just say that I check if the computer’s numbers look correct and within the right quadrant. The easiest methods of determining the frontal axis don’t necessitate the use of a scientific calculator. The quadrant method just …

Tips for Optimal Health (Manila Bulletin)

I was one of many doctors asked by Manila Bulletin for tips for optimal health during the pandemic. They specifically asked for pointers aside from hand-washing and wearing a mask. They also asked it to be very short. See what I and other specialist had to say here: Manila Bulletin, Tips for Optimal Health.

Hein Wellens (1935-2020)

We lost one of the greats of cardiology today. Rest in piece, the Giant of Maastricht, Dr. Hein Wellens. I just wrote about his contributions to the “Classical Criteria” and I’m glad I was able to catch one of his sessions in the Heart Rhythm Society scientific meeting a few years back.

Late Breaking Science from Heart Failure Association Discoveries 2020

The Heart Failure Association’s online event called HFA Discoveries just started and I tried to keep up but it was way too late for me. The live streaming was scheduled for 17:00 CEST which translates to 23:00 Philippine Time. I was able to keep up for the session entitled “Late-Breaking Science Session 1 – Clinical …

What I am most looking forward to at HFA Discoveries

All the major medical conferences I was planning to attend this year have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as one door closes, another one opens: a lot of the medical societies are now offering online content. Starting later this week, the Heart Failure Association (HFA) will be doing HFA Discoveries. Here are …

PHA Webinar Series: The Heart In The Time of COVID

On May 16, 2020, I spoke about Heart Failure and Arrhythmia in the context of COVID-19 for the Philippine Heart Assocation’s Council on Pharmacotherapy. Moderated by Dr. Richard Henry Tiongco II and Dr. Maria Concepcion Sison, the webinar also featured Dr. Rontgene Solante (Infectious Disease), Dr. Lara Alentajan-Aleta (Immunology) and Dr. Imelda Caole-Ang (Cardiology) as …

Deep Dive: The Classical Criteria

Ventricular Tachycardia Versus Supraventricular Tachycardia with Aberrancy, Part 1 When studying wide complex tachycardias, students of electrocardiography always come across a discipline that is quite challenging at first: the differentiation between ventricular tachycardia and supraventricular tachycardia with aberrant conduction. The various criteria used to arrive at the correct electrocardiographic interpretation is a subject often revisited, …

Broken Heart Syndrome

Last year, I was “assigned” to appear in a TV show called Pinoy MD to talk about arrhythmia and “broken heart syndrome”. The show is hosted by Dr. Raul Quillamor and Connie Sison, both of whom I was not given the privilege to meet face to face. It was an interesting experience as it made …

Vasovagal Syncope

I was called by one of my hospitals to appear on a segment about vasovagal syncope on the show Salamat Dok. It was actually the first time I had gone to an actual studio. I was very nervous as you can see in the videos. Hosts Bernadette Sembrano and Alvin Elchico were very professional and …

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