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Calculating The QRS Axis

I often get asked what method I use to calculate the frontal axis of an electrocardiogram, and I usually just say that I check if the computer’s numbers look correct and within the right quadrant. The easiest methods of determining the frontal axis don’t necessitate the use of a scientific calculator. The quadrant method just…

Tips for Optimal Health (Manila Bulletin)

I was one of many doctors asked by Manila Bulletin for tips for optimal health during the pandemic. They specifically asked for pointers aside from hand-washing and wearing a mask. They also asked it to be very short. See what I and other specialist had to say here: Manila Bulletin, Tips for Optimal Health.

Hein Wellens (1935-2020)

We lost one of the greats of cardiology today. Rest in piece, the Giant of Maastricht, Dr. Hein Wellens. I just wrote about his contributions to the “Classical Criteria” and I’m glad I was able to catch one of his sessions in the Heart Rhythm Society scientific meeting a few years back.