Clinic Guide

Dr. Agbayani’s Clinic

There are several ways to reach Dr. Agbayani’s clinic. If you are already an old patient of Dr. Agbayani, you can continue to keep in touch with his staff. You may book an appointment by messaging his staff or by using SeriousMD. We also offer telemedicine consult via SeriousMD.

Services being used for online appointments and consultations

How to book an appointment for the clinic

Dr. Agbayani will be holding limited face-to-face clinic visits. You may contact Dr. Agbayani’s staff to book an appointment. Or you may go to and choose CLINIC VISIT (not VIRTUAL CLINIC). Wait for confirmation as you will need a printed appointment slip that will be sent to your email to get through the screening process of certain hospitals. Each hospital will have different screening procedures so please contact the hospital you are going to.

How to book a telemedicine appointment with SeriousMD

Step 1: Go to Dr. Agbayani’s SeriousMD Profile Page.

Step 2: Choose available schedule.

Step 3: Fill in your details. Choose whether you’re an “Existing Patient” (an old patient of Dr. Agbayani’s) or a “New Patient” (first time consult with Dr. Agbayani).

Step 4: Enter 6 Digit Code Sent to Your Phone.

Step 5: Pay Consultation Fee or upload LOA. You can settle the fee via GCash, Maya, credit card or online banking.

Step 6: Once your appointment has been confirmed, Dr. Agbayani or his staff will call you through the app for the consult at the appointed time.

Step 7: Prescriptions and lab requests will be sent via SMS, the Now Serving app or email.


There are limits to an online consultation. Some aspects of the clinic visit, such as some parts of the physical exam, cannot be performed. A physical / face-to-face clinic encounter will be scheduled if deemed necessary after the online consult. If you think you or your loved one are experiencing an emergency, an online consult or even scheduled physical clinic encounter is not the correct venue to address it: best to head to the nearest emergency room.

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